3kW side air coole
50kW CHAdeMo fast
bi-directional DC-
15kW 2U case batte
5kW DC-DC converte
50kW CHAdeMO fast
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Company profile

Guangzhou Electway Technology Co.,Limited is a professional supplier of Battery charging Solution,DC-DC converters,EV controller,battery&BMS etc power supply products for many years.
As the value "low carbon" is rising daily under the condition of the current world energy crisis and global warming, we are proud of providing these renewable, safe, and high-quality power electronic products and solutions to our customers, while also protecting and enhancing our environment. On the other hand, with a professional engineering team, we are capable to offer serious excellent services include: design, developing, testing,commissioning, environmental protection project, training and comprehensive after-sales services. We emphasis on accurate focus and rapid action to cut the cost while still make the projects very effectively, so that our customers could get a large surprise and values more than their expectations from us.
After years’ developed, we have got a lot of experience and successful cases in electric industry, our Business branch include: Power electronics, Power Supply and software. As our products have exported to Southeast Asia, Middle East, Africa, Oceania, Europe and The Americas etc, our sales offices also spread across Portugal, Hong Kong, Dubai, America nowadays.


How to Purchase Our Products
Firstly, welcome your support and trust for our products, we are so pleased to supply the perfectproducts and service to you.
General purchase process is as follows:
1.Visit each pages of our official website: , select the items you arelooking for then sendmail to or send feedbacks online. We will handle your case when receive your inquiry right away and you will get the formal quotation in one working day.
2.Normally, we generally quote the FOB price, if you want the CIF price, it is kindly of you to tell us the detail address of your place and we will add shipping cost and applicable fees to thepurchase price or use customer’s shipping account.Standard shipping method –DHL ,Fedex,UPS, TNT or EMS post etc door to door service.For our oversea agents,dealers or OEM Business purchases are suitable to use air transportation or sea transportation when batch order.
3.For international customers,you are responsible for customs clearance and all local duty charges in your country.
4.If you have your familiar forwarder or shipping agent .Feel free to organize collection by any freight company of your choice.
5.Some of our goods refer to the refund of duty, so we need to formal custom declaration,the custom declaration charger is paid by seller.
6.When you have decided the items you need, feedback for us and we will send you proforma invoice (P/I)for payment.
 In order to ensure the interests of both sides,It is necessary sign a purchase order (P.O).
7.Payment methods accepted:
 1) Direct bank wire transfer(T/T), a customer is responsible to cover any wire transfer fees collected by his/her sending   bank.
 2) Western Union remit funds.
 3) Paypal account: , if you pay by palpal, the total price add 3%, this handing charge is collect by paypal company.
8.Our price validity generally for a month, according that day’s exchange rate .
9.After sign a contract, buyer need to prepaid the goods fund within 1 week and send theT/T copy or other payment voucher to us, so that we can arrange your order a.s.a.p.
10.Warranty: generally, we promise 1 year warranty, and if you want to enhance the warranty, please inquiry us for more
Finally, wish you a happy purchasing our products, hoping more business cooperation!

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