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50kW fast charging system design idea
Click:7067 Date:2012-7-30 15:36:04

This solution I use 3 single pahse PFC to connect in parallel to compose the converter, this type converter can reach 99%

power factor.but due to the with the netural line, the harmonic in netural line is not ideal.


This solution II made improvements base solution I, use 3 dual line to line input PFC to compose the AC-DC converter, this solution without the netural line, so there will be no harmonic in the netural line.But is solution require high class electronic componnets.



This solution III is currently most advanced idea, using three phase APFC converter controller by DSP, this high-tech solution

also with high cost too.And This solution still not in volume production.

This solution VI use a Uninterrupted Power Supply's  converter  part to compose the AC to DC parts, this solution would be

lower cost, but the efficiency will be lower than the solution I~III too.

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