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Battery Management System

Product Numbers: EK-FT-11

Product description: BMS|battery manage system|battery management systems|battery management systems for large lithium-ion battery packs|배터리 관리 시스템

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By virtue of strong expandability, EK-FT-11 has been established with the product line for five main series and ten types, from
household electric car to electric bus and from hybrid vehicle to pure electric vehicle to meet various all-around demands of
different customers.
 Electric vehicle BMS
In electric vehicles, BMS is an important component of electric control system of complete vehicle, which communicates with
complete vehicle controller, intelligent charger and instrument through CAN bus, realizing safe, reliable and effective
management of battery system. The complete vehicle controller reads BMS data through CAN bus, controls motor through
intelligent motor controller, displays data on instrument panel and communicates with intelligent charger through BMS to realize
intelligent charging control. The BMS anti-interference performance is very important for hybrid and pure electric bus. The strong
electromagnetic interference will influence the normal operation of BMS. In order to solve the problem fundamentally, EK-FT-11
BMS adopts the design of multiple electromagnetic compatibilities and isolations, which has effectively shielded the
electromagnetic interference and maintained the normal operation of system. The automotive class processor chip, automotive
class CAN bus and high redundancy circuit have improved the safety, stability and reliability of system remarkably.
The typical electric vehicle BMS is mainly composed of one Battery cluster-management unit (BCU), several (5-10) battery
monitoring units (BMC) and one insulation detection module (LDM).

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