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55kW BLDC EV speed controller

Product Numbers: CNV-55

Product description: water cooled, brushless, hall type,DC brushless motor controller,speed controller,PM BLDC motor controller,EV controller


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I.Electrical Data
Battery voltage range: (VDC) 288~360VDC
Control signal supply range: 0~5VDC
Max. battery current : 400/600A @45/55kW
Max. torque 300/350N.m @45/55kW
Nonminal torque 130/160N.m @ 45/55kW
Max. phase to phase current: 1000A RMS
Continuous AC phase current @ 360 V, Tcoolant = 72°C 225ARMS
Max. output power @ 360V 100/120kVA
Continuous appearent output power @ 360V, Tcoolant = 72 °C 60/80kVA
PWM switching frequency: 5kHz
Temperature limits: (default value)* <=70°C
Temperature protection: 70°C
Overcurrent protection:: 500A
Cooling type: water-cooled
Protection: water-proof IP55
IGBT QTY: 3 units 1200V,450A

Throttle/Pedal: 0~5V hall sensor                    


 CAN/RS485/RS232 interface to LCD meter(optional)               

II. Mechanic Data
Dimensions with connector ( l x w x h ): 420(450)mm x 360mm x 175mm for 45/55kW
Weight ( without cooling water ): 40/45 kg for 45/55 kW
Operating temperature range -20 – +85 °C
Max. temperature cooling water input: 72 °C
Pressure Loss of cooling medium: 65mbar, Water-Glykol 50/50, T= 25°C, 6l/min
Max. pressure cooling water ( at 20°C): 1,0 bar

III.Outline dimension

IV.Wiring connection

Iterm L W H
Dimension 600mm 450mm 260mm
Packing wooden/carton
Gross weight 32kg
Cubic 0.072m³
Accessories accelerator,cables
HS code 8537101190
Shipping way air transportation, door to door express,by sea


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