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6kW fan cooled portable battery charger

Product Numbers: CHR-6 F

Product description: Good power output,portable and use CAN communication.


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I .Overview

CHR-P series portable battery charger are charging for 48V~300V Li-Ion batteries and Lead-acid batteries, their single power range from 1KW to 3KW, the highest single current can be 100A and reach hundreds kW after parallel operation. They could be widely used in circulation charging of Electric car, Electric taxi, Electric bus, Electric forklift, Golf car, Electric bikes, Electric cruise,Electric boat, Electric yacht and so on with the advantages including light weight, small volume, stability, efficiency and safety. They can Auto Switch between Float Charging and Equalized Charging with the protect function including battery polarity reverse and DC output short circuit and over load.

As an on-board charger, with its own characteristic like waterproof, dustproof, shockproof, and the Electrical performance all meet safety standard. Its uses the micro-computer controlled to control the charge and then auto finish battery charge without manual operation. With its main specialty of more charging zone in accordance with charge and discharge characteristic, it can rapidly full the battery charge while protect the battery charge in a high level in order to avoid the damage by improper charge. Another advantage of this charger is that it could auto identify different seasons and preset the highest charge voltage. This charger has two charge mode: Balance charging mode and pulse charging mode; you can set charging ways by the buttons of the charger and its default state is balance charging mode.


● Apply to charge liFePO4 battery, lead acid batter.;

● CPU control battery chargers.

● Can do the real-time communication with BMS which bring CAN main line by CAN communication interface.

● expand and Parallel machine function, support N+M Parallel operation.

● Wide range input, can adapt to different voltage in global world.

● Power factor, PF≥0.99 .

● Complete Protection Function.

●LED working indications and Three color indications for charging status.

● Temperature-compensation circuit.

●The charging curve can be amended in accordance with different batteries.

● Recoverable storage battery.

● Sealed, shockproof, dustproof, waterproof and seft-air cooling.

● 2 years’ guarantee.

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