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60kW CHAdeMo fast charging station

Product Numbers: CHR-60 Q

Product description: Model:CHQ-60 Q Brand:ELECTWAY Frequency:50/60Hz Input:230/400VAC Output:250-500VDC Cert:CHAdeMO,CE,JEVS Customized:Yes Output power:60kW



Outdoor service stations
Fleet bases
EV service workshops
Short time parking places
Key features:
CHAdeMO compliant;
Up to 60 kW (at 500VDC and 120A)
Management and payment network
Power factor > 99%

Output power 60kW
Input service voltage 220/380/400/415/440/480/600/690VAC ±10% 3Phase+N+ PE
Max AC line current per phase 87A @ 380VAC
83A @ 400VAC
80A @ 415VAC
70A @ 480VAC
56A @ 600VAC
Max output current 120A @ 500VDC
Output voltage 250~500VDC
Power Factor >0.95
Power converter technology High frequency IGBT
Output Ground Fault Protection Yes
HMI Contactless card Mifate / Calypso
LCD display
Numeric Pad
Emergency stop
communication Web service over IP
Modem 3G or Ethernet networks
Charger interface JEVS G104
DC output connector JEVS G105
Cabinet IP55
Compliance CHAdeMO/EN6185-1/EN61000


ELECTWAY was created to simplify the usability of electric vehicles by developing safety reliable recharging
technologies and infrastructures. The company creates and develops charging solutions for a reliable, easy to use and
secure day to day use of battery based electric vehicles, by taking advantage of renewable energies and preserving electric
grid. A full charging product family is available, including four or two wheel charging solutions, Normal Charging, Home &
Condominium Charging and Quick Charging systems.
Built to deliver Quick Charging / Fast Charging to all EV’s CHAdeMO charging compliant. The system is composed
by a Power Cabinet and a compact, smart and safe kiosk, including an easy-to-use interface. Depending on the EV it takes
up to 30 minutes to charge 80% of EV battery. The battery charging state is displayed. Either you can interrupt the charging
cycle or let the system fulfill your battery, finishing by itself.
With a light and appealing design, and total safety for the user and vehicle, they are recommended for service
stations or to charge EV fleets. The system is also equipped with a communication module that can be linked to common
management and payment networks, via web services over IP, using Ethernet or 3G interface.
A graphic LCD screen display and intuitive menu-based interface permits to the user having an immediate graphic
perception of the charging process and payment. Secure input data and control is made using a numeric keypad and user
access can be validated by a contactless RFID cards reader.

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